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Vertafore - Journey To Independence - Part 2

Webinar with Vertafore on the topic of James' journey to the independent insurance industry.

Link to webinar recording: https://online.vertafore.com/JamesJenkinsJourney-TY-On-Demand.html


Vertafore - Journey To Independence - Part 1

Webinar with Vertafore on the topic of James' journey to the independent insurance industry.

Link to webinar recording: https://online.vertafore.com/JamesJenkinsFarmersTY-On-Demand.html


Power Producers Podcast - Leaving Captivity With James Jenkins

In this episode of The Power Producers Podcast, David Carothers interviews James Jenkins, Founder & CEO at RiskWell & Host of the Agency Freedom Podcast. James shares his personal experience leaving a captive agency and the lack of resources available to him at the time, which inspired him to write the book "Leaving Captivity" as a guide for others.

Episode Highlights:
• James discusses his struggles due to a lack of resources when considering leaving his captive agency, which prolonged his transition by several months. (2:35)

• James shares about his book, Leaving Captivity, and offers information about the extra content available for book readers on his website, including a subscriber wall and a code word for free access. (9:44)
• James goes into detail about the topics covered in his book, such as time management and his personal journey leaving a captive agency. (20:00)
• James discusses the benefits of the independent channel, highlighting its flexibility and the significance of time value compared to the captive agency environment. (29:19)
• James explains the distinction between being an income statement and a balance sheet in an independent agency and how this difference empowers agents to create an asset for themselves and their kin. (37:50)
• David announces a free giveaway for "Leaving Captivity". (41:47)

Tweetable Quotes:
• “What we do with our time is probably one of the most important things about who we are as people.” - James Jenkins 
• The message of leaving captivity really simply is just thoughtful and intentional about whatever you do…Highly intelligent people are highly driven, and typically very accomplished in various ways; nobody needs to teach them any of the basic stuff. It's just a good firm reminder to be intentional about everything you do.” - James Jenkins


The Ryan Hanley Show - Leaving Captivity For The Good Life With James Jenkins

In this episode of The Ryan Hanley Show, we're serenaded by the dulcet tones of the all-powerful James Jenkins. James is an innovator and an eternally curious problem solver. He's an unapologetic risk and insurance nerd who gets excited about things that bore most people. Faith and family are the two most important things to James. This is an episode you don't want to miss...

Episode Highlights:

• James shares a story about the creation of Who Framed Roger Rabbit, emphasizing the significance of small details even when most people don't notice them. (7:04)
• Ryan discusses his experiences dealing with ADHD, how he manages it, and his recent decision to stop using pot. (11:54)
• James talks about the process of writing his book and getting positive feedback from someone, not in the insurance field. (26:11)
• James shares some of the diverse opinions on his book from those in the industry. (33:26)
• James delves into the subjectivity of the term "best" and why it isn't a helpful metric for measuring success. (38:59)
• James discusses the editing process that made his book more engaging and concise. (48:19)
• James shares what RiskWell is all about. (55:27)

Key Quotes:

• “What RiskWell is, is nothing more than the humans that are here that create shared experience that together works to make an impact on our stakeholders, which includes you and this audience.” - James Jenkins

insurance guys podcast

The Insurance Guys Podcast - Finding Agency Freedom With James Jenkins

On this episode, Scott and Bradley talk with James Jenkins, CEO and Founder of RiskWell and the host of an industry podcast, Agency Freedom, on various business, technology, process, and innovation topics. James focuses on serving his business and commercial clients and equipping/empowering our team to excel in their respective roles. Enjoy the show!

scratch agency podcast

The Scratch Agency Podcast - Hyper Focused With James Jenkins

This week we welcome James Jenkins, Owner & Founder of RiskWell!

• As a prior Farmers agent, James talks about how it is now a few years removed from the captive side. 
• James talks about looking at his tech stack, and how he determines what to use for his agency.
• James talks about when he started his agency, it was a different name. He shares his why behind the rebrand of Risk Well.
• James dives into the first days of Risk Well and the challenges they faced on day one.
• James touches on “capturing the mistake”. How his team always stops to review the mistake, listen to their own calls and constantly learn.
• James talks about finding your ideal prospect, and simply duplicating that client by asking for the introduction to other “dream clients”.
• James talks about how he recently sold his personal lines book to hyper focus on real estate investors and commercial accounts.
• James wraps up by talking about the filiters he uses in his agency. Terminate, automate and delegate.

insurance town podcast

Insurance Town Podcast - James Jenkins "I Want Everything That I Want. If I Don't Want It, I Don't Want It. But If I want it, I WANT IT."

In this episode , the Mayor, get to sit down with his good friend James Jenkins of RiskWell. He and James discuss the importance to staying true to who you are , and not settling on clients outside your ideal client profile. James also pulls the curtain back and shared a little of his strategy on this as well, along with a very valuable  nugget there about being “the best” He talks about why that is stuck on his mind and his feelings about why it’s important to not try to be “the best” you gotta check it out to understand. Sit back relax and enjoy!!!


Agents Growth Academy Podcast - Tech And Smart Workflows To Maximize Profit and Minimize Profanity With James Jenkins

Today on The Agent’s Growth Academy Show our headmaster, Jim Schubert, is so excited to bring on a nationally recognized industry leader, CEO and cofounder of RiskWell, and loving husband/father to the stage to talk about how you can use tech and smart workflows to maximize profit and minimize profanity. James Jenkins is open and ready to share the pivotal decisions from his personal experience that lead to true success (including his new podcast, Agency Freedom, but that’s not all). Tune in today and let’s get deep about the power of intention, clear visualization, and being fully engaged no matter where–or when–you are.

3 Key Takeaways

• Why you need to be 100% clear about your vision before stepping into building an agency
• The power of setting clear expectations from the get-go
• Why you should be more intentional with your activities and time
James’s Podcast: agencyfreedompodcast.com
Social: thejamesjenkins
Building a StoryBrand by Donald Miller
Never Split the Difference by Chris Voss
Sales EQ by Jeb Blount


The Ryan Hanley Show - A Random Conversation With James Jenkins

In this episode of The Ryan Hanley Show, Ryan Hanley is joined by James Jenkins, CIC, CRM, CRIS, Founder of RiskWell Insurance. This is what happens when you hit record on a random conversation with James Jenkins... you're welcome.

Episode Highlights:

• James mentions a cool thing about his conversations with Ryan. (6:56)
• James shares why Ryan’s approach on podcasts is different from his. (10:19)
• James explains the two opposing absolutes. (17:23)
• James shares one of the most significant things that emerging agents and tenured agents need to pay more attention to. (26:22)
• James shares the conversation he had with their Q3 quarterly prep yesterday. (39:11)
• James explains the beauty of having the right mindset. (47:10)
• James gives us fives steps that every agent should do to gain more growth opportunities. (57:35)

Key Quotes:

• “This is the meat and potatoes of why I just love talking with you. Because, there is no black and white in this conversation. There is entirely shades of gray, there are nuanced places on a spectrum between two opposing absolutes.” - James Jenkins
• “I think everyone is better when the agency principal comes ready to play. Because, the agency principal, all of the producers are going to fall in line behind however the principal is doing business, and the industry as a whole is better for it.” - James Jenkins
• “If somebody wants to talk to you, make them talk to you then. Just having that tribal mindset of the independent agency, the retail IA...We are a tribe together. - James Jenkins


The Ryan Hanley Show - James Jenkins On Niche Business World Domination

In this episode of The Ryan Hanley Show, James Jenkins, the founder of RiskWell Insurance, joins the podcast to discuss insurance technology decision-making, how to pick a niche market, and the best way to choose your carrier mix. This is an episode you don't want to miss…

Episode Highlights:

• James shares why he likes doing feature requests. (17:09)
• James mentions his responsibility as the business owner. (18:16)
• James shares how he came up with the happy hour announcements. (22:28)
• James mentions a platform called High Level. (24:53)
• What could happen to the small commercial, five years from now? (32:13)
• James shares why the gap between the generalist and the specialist will grow. (32:36)
• James shares the other niches that he has lined up. (41:18)
• James mentions his philosophy on carrier experts. (47:10)

Key Quotes:

• “I am your best client and the biggest thorn in your side. Because when you do something cool, man, I think that's really cool. And I'm going to talk about it a lot. I'm going to post about it, I'm going to share about it. I'm a great brand ambassador.” - James Jenkins
• “I think we just need to keep banging the drum. The reality is when they climb up on their hilltop and wave their flag, they're not gonna back down from that. Because then it seems like a defeat or a failure, and no business owner wants to do that.” - James Jenkins
• “I think the important thing is having those behind the scenes conversations where you can influence the decision-makers before they decide to climb a hill and wave a flag.” - James Jenkins


Power Producers Podcast - The King Of Real Estate Investors With James Jenkins

In this episode of The Power Producers Podcast, David Carothers and co-host Kyle Houck interview James Jenkins, CIC, CRM, CRIS, Chief Risk Officer at RiskWell. James talks about how he started in the insurance industry and his knowledge and expertise in the insurance business.

Episode Highlights:

• David introduces James Jenkins. (1:32)
• James mentions that starting an insurance agency from scratch with no industry experience is completely irresponsible. (7:43)
• James mentions that from a technology and client experience perspective, everything that the carrier did was intentional. (12:16)
• James thinks that a lot of independent agents struggle with technology’s evolution. (12:50)
• James shares one of the hardest transitions for him was going from being a good insurance agent and a good salesman to being a good business owner. (16:24)
• In James’ opinion, the transition has not been the easiest. Not until almost a year into running the independent agency did he have a great relationship with his CPA and bookkeeper. (16:37)
• James shares that everything he does in his business is 100% P&C insurance and it has given him a big advantage in how he works. It has allowed him to have channel partners that are life only and health only agents. (17:29)
• James mentions that there's a lot of benefit to being able to focus and do a small number of tasks at a high level. (17:52)
• James mentions that he was fortunate enough to be able to sell the previous agency. Therefore, he had an infusion of capital at the beginning. (22:53)
• James shares the most insane 8 months of his life. (24:28)

Tweetable Quotes:

• “One of the biggest advantages in the captive world is they take so many things off of your plate that allows you to focus on what really matters such as prospecting and closing deals.” - James Jenkins
• “Having that foresight on the front end to say, who are we going to be and what are we going to focus our effort on. In the captive world, everybody's trying to do everything. Nobody turns away any prospect they quote because they don't know any better.” - James Jenkins
• “I encourage you to figure out what you want your focus to be. Who do you want to be? You can't be everything to everybody. So if you're going to be great at anything, you have to stop doing some things.” - James Jenkins